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Allan Sturm

Proper UX Design

Proper UX design makes it harder for the user to do the wrong thing and easier to do the right thing. When you’re users are making lots of mistakes, remember Poka-yoke!

UX Tip #8

Error Prevention The best error prevention is to prevent the error in the first place. Do your homework and figure out user flows and methods that account for unhappy paths. Rethink any flow and all terminologies that could cause confusion.…

Practical Generalities

It’s always smart to ‘borrow’ other software’s methods to solve common and uncommon UI/UX problems, but you should always avoid “practical generalities” design. This line of thinking can be very dangerous. Just because some other software solves a problem one…

UX and Product Teams

My perspective on UX design and how it works best with product teams that are pioneering first-of-their-kind software applications. UX discovers needs and constraints in order to determine how best to achieve a goal. UX brings clarity and economy to…