Allan Sturm’s Photography

Highlights of my Fine Art, Commercial, and Personal Photography

Three Pillars, Allan Sturm Photography

Three Pillars

48″ x 32″, Archival Inkjet, Fine Art Pearl

Gallery: The FRONT @ Platform Gallery, Lin Cohorn
Tucson Weekly Article: Ready for Receptions?

These monumental stone pillars from the Wilcox dry lake bed were used to promote the Tucson Arizona 2010 Art Season. In reality, they were only about 5-1/2 ft tall. Perspective is everything…

Mothership, Allan Sturm Photography


6ft. x 4ft Back-lit Transparency
Plexiglas Framed Box with Lighting
Suspended with Audio Complement

Gallery: The FRONT @ Platform Gallery, Lin Cohorn
Tucson Weekly Article: Ready for Receptions?

It was around dusk as I propped my camera against a trash can, clamped down the aperture, and held steady for a long exposure shot of this beautifully lit merry-go-round. As a gallery installation piece, it was mesmerizingly bright, with an audio complement of dreamy sounds of eight fairgrounds from around the world.

Jimmy, Vogue Italia, Allan Sturm Photography


Digital, Online Gallery

Winner, Music Photo Of The Day, Vogue Italia Magazine
PhotoVogue, August 2013

Jerome, Arizona is a magical place and Jimmy is the local street musician and shaman.

Eagle Rock, Arizona Daily Star, Allan Sturm Photography

Eagle Rock

Digital, Online Gallery

Editor’s Pick, Arizona Daily Star
2014 Vacation Photo Contest

Arches National Park in Monument Valley, Utah is other-worldly… A never-ending panorama of multiple dimensions and alternate realities.

You Go-Go Girl, District, Tucson, Allan Sturm Photography

You Go-Go Girl

Digital, Personal Gallery

Al Foul & The Shakes, Live at The District
Tucson Arizona, June 8th, 2013 at 12:39 AM

There was a time when Tucson was uber-dimensional. The desert comes alive at night with dry crisp air, cactus flowers, and a special blend of humans unlike anywhere else on Earth. Desert Rockabilly, when done right, is transformational – and Al and the band had a hypnotic mind lock on the crowd. Including me!

Fashion and Beauty, Allan Sturm Photography


Digital, Personal Gallery

Rachael Quinn, Tucson Arizona

I always wanted to try my hand at fashion & beauty photography, and Rachael made it easy.

Fashion and Beauty, Allan Sturm Photography

Beauty Shines From Within

Digital, Personal Gallery

The level of trust required to photograph women is beyond description. You can always tell if the model was comfortable by examining their eyes – the eyes never lie.

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

Digital, Commercial Fashion

Client: [Removed], Tucson, Arizona.
Model: Ana Victoria Contreras.
Fashion Styling: Yeka Bruner

During one of my first fashion photography shoots, we almost ruined this $800 handmade one-of-a-kind goose feather-down dress by having the model walk down the road. Did you know that you can remove dirt and grime from white feathers with slices of white bread? Yeah, museum curator tricks are awesome.

Blue, Fine Art Nude, Allan Sturm Photography


Fine Art Nude
3′ x 8′, Canvas, Studio Gallery

Without trust, no one will show you their intimate, their ‘inner speak’ – and trust is a must when it comes to fine art nudes.

Reflections, Fine Art Nude, Allan Sturm Photography


Fine Art Nude
Digital, Studio Gallery

The mirror never smiles first.

LoveSmack Studios, Tucson, 2012-2015

LoveSmack Studios

LoveSmack Studios, Tucson Arizona
2012 – 2015

A side project of mine was to bring Tucson’s fashion and beauty industry together in one place and LoveSmack Studios filled the need. Crafted into a social hub, we offered live fashion photoshoots, meet & greets, workshops, and meet-ups for Tucson’s top models, photographers, hair & makeup artists, stylists, and clothing designers.

Tucson Woman Magazine, Cover, Allan Sturm Photography

Commercial Fashion & Lifestyle

Tucson Woman Magazine
First Edition, Summer 2013
Cover & Interior

It was a total joy to shoot these wonderful women of the Tucson Ladies Council at the historic Tucson Country Club Clubhouse. Believe it or not, it was very windy, and often I had to hold my 6ft parabolic reflector down with my foot while capturing them laughing and having a great time.

Zocalo Magazine, Tucson, Allan Sturm Photography

Fashion Trends

Zocalo Magazine
September 2012
Interior, Print & Online

Working with stylist Yekatherina Bruner was always a pleasure and we knocked out these in-studio fashion shots in a matter of minutes, thanks to a skilled and talented fashion model.

Flower Study, Fine Art, Allan Sturm Photography

Lazarus Flowers

Digital, Personal Works

Believe it or not, these flowers were dried up and about to be thrown away. A little water spritzing, some creative lighting, and a black fabric backdrop and they came to life again!